Errata for Alpha 3Edit

  • Once again the sleep-deprived designer has neglected to include rules for generating cash and mundane loot. Much of this can simply be had by rolling on the existing tables, but for Gold, just roll on Table 6 for the Item Level of the find, then roll 1d6 per Item Level.
  • Epic loot rules are missing cash value. This was partly intentional, partly accidental. Epic loot is meant to be priceless and rare and used sparingly, but should the players nevertheless wish to pawn off their Epics on a worth collector, the gold value is double the standard price for a regular magical item of that level.
  • A more extensive, overarching loot table that generates cash, mundane loot, magic loot, and Epic loot, as well as quantity of same is needed. This will be delivered soon to the Optional Rules section, and later incorporated into Alpha 4 once further playtesting is done.